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Product code: HPCP624 A-C

The EZ Feel cushion made with high-quality polyurethane gel. The surface is solid, smooth and helps dissipate heat to provide excellent pressure distribution and comfort. The true gel material will not migrate, leak, evaporate harden or dry out if the cushion is accidentally punctured. The material is highly resistant to bacteria and bodily fluids and can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or a disinfectant

Polyester 2 way fabric covers with non-slip material is also available on request

PCP624 A - 40(w) x 40(d) x 1.6 cm (h)
PCP624 B - 46(w) x 40(d) x 1.6 cm (h)
PCP624 C - 50(w) x 46(d) x 1.6 cm (h)

Price: $265.00

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