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Product code: HPCP625 A-C

The Comfy-Lite cushion features the embossed technology and is designed to improve long term positioning support and excellent comfort, it is an ideal choice for individuals with a history of skin breakdowns, or those who suffer from early to mid-stage pressure sores. The gel pad and contoured high-density polyurethane foam base provide excellent immersion stability, heat reduction and outstanding pressure distribution.

Polyester fabric 2 way covers with non-slip bottom material is available on request.

PCP625 A - 40(w) x 40(d) x 10(h) cm
PCP625 B - 46(w) x 40(d) x 10(h) cm
PCP625 C - 50(w) x 46(d) x 10(h) cm

Price: $325.00 +gst

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